Disclosure Packets

To order a resale disclosure packet please use the follow instructions:

  1. Go to www.communitygroup.com 
  2. Near the top, click on “Order Resale Documents”: 
  3. On the next screen, scroll down and select “Community Group”
  4. A new window will open taking you to the Community Archives website. 
  5. Register as a new user and when the website asks for the Requestor Type, choose “Owner/Seller/Realtor” and complete registration. 
  6. After you have completed registration, you should place an order called the Resale Certificate Disclosure.  You can choose to order the email or hardcopy.  Please note you can have the order expedited at an additional cost when placing the order and it will take 24-40 business hours which is equivalent to 3-5 business days.